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Here's the "catch" to why we can offer so much for so little... no expensive office chairs or hundreds of employees & no phone support. We do respond quickly to e-mail queries, however.

If you need to e-mail us for general questions: info@cromag.com

IF you are unable to e-mail us due to a server outage, you can contact us (emergency contact only - do not make this your regular mode for contacting us) at cromag.com@mac.com.

If you are not a cromag.com customer, but you have gotten UCE (unsolicited commercial e-mail) that appears to violate our TOS, please forward the entire message including all headers to: abuse@cromag.com

If you are interested in becoming a cromag customer, please drop by our support forums and check out our "pre-sales" question area... by posting your questions there, other potential customers will not only see how smart you are, but may also have their questions answered... and your questions might also be answered there.

E-mail us if you still have questions